The History of Medical Alert Bracelets

Medical alert bracelets and necklaces are very common now, but their origins are a lot more interesting than one might think. The story goes that a young woman named Linda Collins cut her finger and went to the hospital. When the wound was fixed, she was given a shot of tetanus antitoxin. She then suffered an anaphylactic shock and almost died.

After being treated, her parents had her wear a bracelet that described the allergy in case of an emergency. Soon Linda made a silver bracelet that desired her allergy on one side and had medical alert on the other. The bracelet was carved by a jeweler and the bracelet was born. Linda Collins mother, a woman in the medical industry, created the MedicAlert Foundation to bring attention to the childrens medical id bracelets and how they can help save lives.

childrens medical id bracelets

Now, the medical alert bracelets have become a household name, and everyone uses them to communicate medical needs and restrictions. These can be anything from simple allergies to what to give or not to give the patient. All medical and emergency personnel are required to look for these on the necks and arms of patients and follow the instructions on them. 

There are countless designs and styles of a medical alert bracelet or necklace, so whether the wearer is a child or adult, there will be something that they can wear that also gives them a sense of style. If they don’t feel like they can wear it because it clashes with their outfit, then the bracelets isn’t doing its job.

No matter how small or complicated the information on the bracelet is, it needs to be shown and clearly visible, because it might just save a life when an emergency happens.

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