6 Facts About Lip Injections

Many people use lip injections to plump up their thin lips. It is a trend in Hollywood and beyond, with celebs like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West creating the awesome trend. Perhaps you want those flawless lips like the celebs. If so it is time to learn the six facts below about lip injections norfolk va and find a provider.

1.    Lip injections are, for the most part, safe. The procedure is FDA-approved to ease some of your worries. There are risks associated with any type of procedure but you can rest assured this one is relatively safe.

2.    Costs of lip injection vary from one provider and service to the next. It is best to compare costs and the providers before you book an appointment. Quality is of greater concern than the cost, do keep in mind.

3.    Lip injections are safe for most people, however, if you have heart conditions or take certain medications, it might not be right for you. Talk to your doctor during the consultation to ensure lip injections are right for your needs.

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4.    You are in complete control of the lip injection procedure and can fully customize them to your specifications and needs. Whatever your desired look, injections make them possible!

5.    Although some swelling occurs after the procedure, most patients are ready to rock their new look -and new lips -in 24 hours to 48 hours after the procedure. There is some discomfort with the procedure but most patients agree that it is not painful.

6.    Lip injections do not provide permanent results. The results vary depending on the lip injections chosen. Most patients get four to six months of use from the injections. You can always go back for more!

You’ll love your new look after lip injection!