5 Reasons to Go to the Dentist Twice Each Year

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that two visits are made to the dentist each year to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. If you’ve not been to the dentist in some time, what are you waiting for? When your teeth are healthy, you’ll enjoy great oral health and a beautiful smile. No one wants to endure problems with their teeth and these regular dental visits reduce risks. Read below to learn 5 of the biggest reasons you should make those twice annual visits to the dentist mckinney tx.

1.    You’ll get a tooth cleaning when you visit the dentist. This cleaning removes harmful plaque and bacteria from the teeth and whitens them, too. Do not confuse this service with teeth whitening, which the cosmetic dentist performs.

2.    Regular visits to the dentist prevent many common oral health problems, including gum disease and oral cancer. In fact, the dentist screens for oral cancer during your visits.

3.    You only get one shot at a beautiful smile. You’ll live to regret not making those visits.

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4.    Does a toothache sound like your idea of fun? No one wants to experience tooth or oral health pain. Regular dental visits reduce the risks of oral health problems, including toothaches and pain.

5.    Do you find yourself trying to hide you smile because you are embarrassed by discoloration or other issues? You should never try to hide that beautiful smile. Life is so much more meaningful when you smile often. Visit the dentist and he can help resolve many of the oral health problems you experience so you regain your beautiful healthy smile again.

Don’t wait to schedule that dental appointment, especially if it’s been sometime since you visited. Your smile is worth the time.